Architecture Custom Build Home

Kathy and her husband John wanted a custom designed home built to meet their specific needs.

Listen to Kathy as she speaks candidly about her experiences with Chateau during the building process:

“Chateau have done a fantastic job building it and it is going to work really well for me & my family.

“There are lots of advantages to having a custom-designed #house, you get to #design the spaces that will be functional for both you and your family – you choose the finishes & level of finish that you so desire.

“The biggest benefit of deciding to proceed with Chateau is our beautiful #home that we can’t wait to move into. We’ve been so happy, all the staff have been kind, friendly and helpful. The subcontractors have been nice and courteous and they’ve #built to an incredibly high standard.

“Chateau has been able to ensure that our experience has always been a positive one. Right from the very beginning when Lois gave us a list of items that needed to be decided on and the timeframe in which they needed to be decided; then throughout the whole build process we’ve had weekly site meetings and we’re very good friends with the On-site Manager.

“All of the staff from Chateau have been fabulous. Everyone involved has been kind and courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and highly-skilled.

“We’ve been very impressed by the professionalism of all of the staff. They have always been available to talk with either myself or my husband with regards to any issues or concerns with the build process. We have very much felt a member of the team and have been very happy with the way things have gone and the communication that has been maintained throughout the building journey.